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Find songs

Brief descriptions of individual SSA members and their products, along with links to their sites, can be found below. (If you would like to see your science music site referenced here, please join the SSA!) For easy online ordering of most SSA products, please visit our new Science Song Store. (Some members' products can also be ordered from Educational Innovations.) To find a song on a specific topic, you can search MASSIVE, a database of over 2000 science and math songs. Other excellent science song compilations are available at Chemistry, the Songs of Our Lives and


go to the AstroCappella website

AstroCappella by The Chromatics

The Chromatics are a DC-area a cappella vocal band of astrophysicists, spacecraft engineers, and other techies, offering "astronomically correct" songs, background information, lesson plans, games, and quizzes. Materials are classroom-tested and linked to the National Science Education Standards.

go to the Banana Slugs website

Banana Slug String Band

Musical mollusks from Northern California who teach science and ecology by blending songs with theater and puppetry.

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The Big Bang Band

Winners of the 2004 Las Cumbres Amateur Astronomy Outreach Award, the Big Bang Band is a trio of amateur astronomers/musicians who tour elementary schools in the Sonoma County area of California. Their shows include music, hands-on activities, and telescopic viewing.

go to Carl Winter's website

Carl K. Winter, Ph.D.

He's been called the Elvis of E. coli. His humorous parodies of popular songs cover the spectrum of contemporary food safety issues and have educated a wide range of audiences. In his "real" job he is the Director of the FoodSafe Program at UC-Davis.

Michael Offutt teaches in the Chicago area. More information about his recordings is available at Dr. Chordate's products page.

go to Chris Aable's website

Chris Aable

Chris Aable is a psychology and sociology instructor from Los Angeles. He is currently composing and producing several songs about social scientists.

go to the Chromotones website

The Chromotones

The Chromotones' first CD, Island of Life, contains life science songs for kids and adults. This is intelligent rock music that teaches basic principles in the life sciences.

go to Dr. Chordate's website

Dr. Chordate

Jeff Moran writes and performs humorous educational songs and comedy (Why did the lion cross the savannah? To get to the other pride.) about a wide range of scientific topics (mostly life science).

go to the website

Research-based, teacher-created music designed to reinforce state educational standards and convey large amounts of information quickly.

go to the Holy Mol-ee website

HOLY MOL-EE! Chemistry

A Multiple Modality curriculum for high school which uses song, dance, dramatization, bright visuals, manipulatives, activities and guided student notes. Includes 60 songs, 51 slide shows and 3 hours of kinesthetic learning video.

go to Jim's website

Jim Dixon

Jim uses song parodies, poems, and "raps" to capture students' attention while inspiring them to learn more. The Biology Poems and Songs Booklet (CD) and Harold Baum's General and Human Biology words and CDs do this quite effectively!

go to Jim's website

Jim Webb, Ph.D.

Jim is a physics professor at Florida International University in Miami. His latest CD is "Out in Space," a collection of astronomy-related songs.

go to JNJ website

JNJ Kids Educational Products

Kids can learn about science concepts and facts through music. Learn about photosynthesis, habitats, clouds, the laws of motion, and much more. JNJ Kids Educational Products are fun, teacher-worthy, and parent-approved! Yes, and even test scores will go up!

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Joan Maute, Ed.D.

Mellow '60s-style singer-songwriter-guitarist who's been teaching since 1970. Songs cover earth science and map reading.

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Brain-friendly, classroom-tested songs, raps, stories, and activities designed to help young people understand and remember scientific vocabulary and concepts.

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