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Kevin Ahern's Wildly Popular Metabolic Melodies

Kevin's site includes free biochemistry lyrics to be sung to the tune of well-known songs. He uses these songs in the classes he teaches at Oregon State University.

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Leigh Russ

Middle school science teacher Leigh Russ has released an album of original songs called Branches of Science. Influenced by the '60s folk era, Leigh plays a 12-string guitar to create a folksy sound to accompany lyrics that teach and entertain.

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Mark Rosengarten

Mark Rosengarten is a chemistry teacher in New York state. His new CD Rock Me Avogadro contains 15 songs aimed at high school chemistry students.

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Monty Harper

Monty Harper writes children's songs on various topics according to need. Within his collections are songs about the planets, dinosaurs, and the horny toad.

go to the Mr. P website

Mr. P's Sing-A-Long Science

Mr. P is a 7th grade science teacher who sings his lyrics using catchy, familiar melodies. His CD covers life, earth, and physical sciences.

go to the Physics Pholk Song website

Physics Pholk Songs

A whimsical collection of songs about scientific theories, history, logic, and pure fun. Compiled by colonial music artists David and Ginger Hildebrand.

go to the Professor Boggs website

Professor Boggs

The Professor's first CD, "Mad Science Factory," features a range of styles, from calypso to rock to Irish ballad. Twelve songs cover various earth, space, physical, and life science topics. They come with lesson plans, handouts, and web resources.

email Robert Learner

Robert Learner

Learner, a former director of the Kingman Museum of Natural History in Battle Creek, Michigan, has produced an illustrated booklet/CD titled "Dinosaur Songs and Other Museum Music." To order a copy, please email him at

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Science Entertainment

Lynda Williams (a.k.a. The Physics Chanteuse) serves up entertaining and educational science media and products for all ages and skill levels.

go to the Science Explosion website

Science Explosion

Dave Bydlowski, Fred Ribits, and Charlie Kline specialize in professional development for elementary and middle school teachers. They perform at assemblies and family science nights, too!

go to the Science Groove website

Science Groove

A Seattle group whose two science-based CDs ("My Dissertation" and "Muscles & Magnets") are out of print but available online for free!

go to the Science in Song website

Science In Song

Robin Walling's songs cover the human body, cell biology, and the food chain, among other topics. First graders love to dance to them, 5th and 7th graders love to study with them, and 10th graders love to review with them!

go to the Scientific Jam website

Scientific Jam

The Scientific Jam music group presents science and music assemblies at elementary and middle schools around the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento areas.

go to the Evie Boss website

Sing a Song of Nature

Ms. Evelyn Boss is a clever teacher and country singer. Her main interest is in nature and biology. She has seven CDs for different age levels (preschool through high school).

go to the Singin' Songs website

Singin' Songs Music

J.P. Taylor is a singer-songwriter and schoolteacher who produces catchy, uptempo science and environmental songs for educators and everyone else!

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the Wolin website

Strollin' Jeff Wolin and the Blue Cricket Band

Mr. Wolin is an outdoors education specialist. He sings catchy, upbeat songs such as "In Your Backyard," "Microorganism," "Green Green Sugar Machine," "Porcupine," "Minerals," "Moon Phases," and "Magnet Earth." Suitable for grades 3-8.

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the Rockbots website

Teacher and the Rockbots

Teacher and the Rockbots take elementary school subjects and turn them into really cool rock songs. And to make the songs like a game, clues are given in the verses so that listeners can try to guess the answers before they are revealed. Appropriate for ages 5 and up.

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the Twin Sisters website

Twin Sisters Productions

The Twin Sisters Science series is written for children ages 4-9. They encourage girls to consider science. There are 8 CDs and activity books in the series: Space, Zoos, Weather, Oceans, Insects, Chemistry, Physics, and Dinosaurs.

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