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Update for January 2008: Please give a warm SSA welcome to our newest SSA member, Leigh Russ, a middle school science teacher in New Jersey. Leigh recently released a CD called Branches of Science.

Update for March 2007: Troy Neilson has now joined the SSA; welcome, Troy! SSA member Warren Phillips was recently named to USA Today's 2006 All-USA Teacher Team; congrats, Warren! Finally, Larry "Professor Boggs" Morris exhibited last month at the Georgia Science Teachers' Association conference last month in Athens. He reports, "Booth costs were low, even getting in last-minute (about $350 or so) and we had little or no travel expenses. Even with the limited stock I had, I was actually able to break even and make a bit of money (a hundred or so)! The show was pretty well-attended, and it was at a good facility with friendly, helpful personnel.... Demand was pretty evenly split between K-3, elementary, middle school and high school...maybe weighted a bit towards upper grades. There was a pretty strong demand for Earth Science material, an area where my stock was a bit weak. I sold out quickly of Miss Jenny's Science Songs, Mike Offutt's Physics, and most of Dr. Chordate's Groundhogs. Sold several Slugs CD's (Singing in our Garden being the most popular) and a good number of my Boggs CD's. Overall about 50-60 CD's sold, a good solid performance I think. We were the only music-related booth."

Update for December 2006: A couple of pictures from the 2006 NSTA convention in Omaha have been added to the photo pages. Thanks to Jeff Moran for providing these pictures.

Update for October 2006: A listing for Mark Rosengarten has finally been added to the SSA member pages. Welcome to the SSA, Mark!

Update for June 2006: SSA member Carl Winter reports that the Food Safety Music website has been revamped. Be sure to check out the brand-new food safety music videos!

Update for May 2006: The SSA's Science Song Store is now online thanks to the efforts of Professor Boggs (a.k.a. Larry Morris) and Lynda Jones! Visit to check it out!

Update for late March 2006: SSA member Larry Morris (a.k.a. Professor Boggs) has put together an Agreement for digital distribution of music. This contract between individual SSA members and the SSA will allow SSA "sampler" CDs to be created and distributed, thus promoting both the SSA as a whole and the music of individual members.

Update for March 2006: The March 16th issue of VOX Magazine includes an article on SSA member Jeff Moran (Dr. Chordate). Also, the March/April issue of CONNECT magazine includes an article by Greg Crowther titled Learning to the Beat of a Different Drum.

Update for January 2006: the SSA continues to welcome new members, the latest being the Chromotones and Kevin Ahern. Check out their listings on the Find songs pages.

Some old ("classic"?) pictures -- from the Philadelphia NSTA conference in 2003 -- have been posted to the site today (10-15-05). Click here to see the Philadelphia photos. Thanks to Lynda Jones for sharing these.

As of July '05, we are experiencing a surge in membership, possibly due to the recent New York Times article that mentioned us. We are pleased to welcome the following new members: Bob Learner (also from Michigan; has a booklet/CD titled "Dinosaur Songs and Other Museum Music"); Chris Aable (; Chris Bihuniak (of Teacher and the Rockbots); Jim Boyce (a physicist who works on technology transfer and free-electron laser applications at the Jefferson Lab Accelerator in Virginia); and Wendy Grus (a graduate student in biology at the University of Michigan).

At last, some new photos! Pictures from the April 2005 NSTA national convention have been posted to the photos section of this website. Thanks to Lynda Jones for sharing these.

Several SSA members have put out new albums within the last few months (late 2004 through early 2005). Check out the websites of Monty Harper, Science Explosion, and Warren Phillips for details!

MASSIVE, the SSA's searchable science song database, was featured in the NetWatch section of the September 3rd, 2004 issue of Science magazine. On a related note, MASSIVE Radio, an all-science songs Internet radio station, was launched in August 2004.

Congratulations to the Big Bang Band for winning the Astronomical Society of the Pacific's 2004 Las Cumbres Amateur Outreach Award! Click here to read the ASP press release.

Since February of 2004, subscribers to the SSA's Yahoo! Groups e-mail list have been receiving a brief monthly e-newsletter on SSA members and activities. To join the e-mail list, go to and follow the directions there, or send a blank e-mail message from your account to:

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