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What's New?

Below is a table of recent updates to this website.

4/24/07 Added links to music by Dave Mitchell and Stephen Ragsdale.
4/16/07 Added links to music by Finn Riggins (thanks to Matthew Dugan for the suggestion), the Phenomenauts, and Stephen Cohen.
2/24/07 Fixed or discarded various broken links. Also added new links to music by Bob Kanefsky, David Polansky, Jonathan Coulton, John Hadfield, Nancy Schimmel and Candy Forest, and others, including some suggested by Angela Brett and Marshall Clark.
12/15/06 Added links to "Math Madness" music by Bob Garvey. (Thanks to James Brooks for the suggestion.)
12/4/06 Added links to music by Eric Sirota, the Flaming Lips, Silly Bus, and Uncle Danny (Danny Quinn).
9/20/06 Added links to music by the Amateur Transplants. Also removed broken links to music by Scientific Jam.
8/4/06 Added links to Big Jim's CDs at the suggestion of Big Jim. (Greg knows better than to defy Big Jim.) Also fixed broken links to J.P. Taylor's music.
7/9/06 Added new links to a whole bunch of additional songs; thanks to Angela Brett and Bob Ledingham for all the suggestions! Also got MASSIVE Radio back on the air.
6/3/06 Added links for material by Darkest of the Hillside Thickets, Earth Tone Enterprises, Jack Hartmann, Mose Allison, and Scott Goodman. (Thanks to Luke for suggesting some of these.) Also fixed a large number of broken links. Please let me know if there are others that I missed.
4/16/06 Added links for the album "I Was A Supa-Dupa Pupa!" by Lucas Miller.
4/15/06 Added links for the song "Bext (Binomial Expansion Theorem)" by Dr. Fridemar Pache.)
3/20/06 Added links for the song "Pi" by the group Hard 'n Phirm. (Thanks, Joel!)
3/4/06 Added links for the albums "Music Makes It Memorable" and "Math With Mar." by Maryann Harman and the song "Skin" by Tickle Toon Typhoon.
3/3/06 Added links for the album "Mr. Nicky's Science Project" by (who else?) Mr. Nicky and the song "Catch An Ion Wave, Dude!" by Steve Mugglin. Also added links to Joan Maute's lyrics for her albums "Tune In Earth Science" and "Songs For The Earth."
2/9/06 Added links for the album "Matematica Pe Note" (Math On Musical Notes) by the Hungarian group Profu' de Mate' (Math Teach).
1/27/06 Added links for the album "Math Facts To The Max!" by Carl Sherrill.
1/9/06 Added links to material by Bruce Lesnick, Ira Marlowe, Professor Politzer and the Rho Mesons, and They Might Be Giants.