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written by Do Peterson

Do: Triangle, Sampler, Background Vocals, Drum Machine, Synth | Spoken Vocals (in order of appearance): Karen Stensrude, Lori DeGloria, Henry Burt, Leonard Wainstein, Natalia, Danstan Bagenda, Tien Thach, Jessi Roemer, Greg Crowther, Clarence Lewis III, Lori D., Anne-Louise Leutenegger, Christopher Pesce, Stephen Espinola, Erin Kamler, Kirk Van Scoyoc and Do

The linkage test we are developing is a single-locus method. | It assumes one disease gene is responsible for the disease. | It uses a genetic marker at a single locus. | We are using data at one marker locus to find this disease gene. | Single-locus methods are quick and easy to use. | You can publish your results right away. | They do not require marker data from extended families which are often difficult to find. | The false positive rate or level of the test is the same regardless of the penetrance structure of the disease gene. | Penetrance structure as in dominant or recessive penetrance. | The power of the test depends on this penetrance structure. | Our method uses this information on single-locus models to create powerful tests.

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