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Hooray For NMR Spectroscopy!       [ next song go to next song ]

written by Greg Crowther and Do Peterson

Greg: broadcaster vocals, keyboard | Lori DeGloria: skeptic vocals | Do: keyboard, percussion, sampler | Kirk L. Van Scoyoc: scientist vocals | Backing vocalists: Tim Billo, Gina Coffman, Karen Hayes, Michelle Merklin, Levi Moore, Richard Moore, Ben Piggot, Tom Satwicz, Louise Spiegler, Liz Stahl, Peter Stoessel, John Weller

I love my magnet; it measures molecules galore, | From fat and water to A-T-P and many more! | I scan live people! It's noninvasive; there's no mess! | Time resolution is several seconds, sometimes less! | But there are atoms you can't see. | The ones you can are enough for me! | Hooray for N-M-R spectroscopy! | I love my magnet; it gives me spectra full of peaks, | And, with a standard, I'll find the numbers that I seek. | Consider this case: peak A is twice the size of B. | If B's the standard, then you know A's molarity! | I don't like all this chemistry. | It's great for scientists like me! | Hooray for N-M-R spectroscopy! | I love my magnet; it doesn't cause my subjects pain. | They'll gladly help me, sometimes without financial gain! | I scan their bodies -- or just one anatomic zone. | The coils and gradients let me choose muscle, brain, or bone! | Lying immobile ain't for me. | It's only for an hour or three! | Hooray for N-M-R spectroscopy!

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