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One of our winning entries…


Tune: Beauty School Dropout
From: Grease Soundtrack

By Gave Melvin
Beech Grove High School
Beech Grove, IN

I don't know what you are.
I'm dying to find out.
Are you an Annelid or just a trout?
Your structure is confusing.
What file are you choosing?
Most mixed up, nondelinquent Animal.

Unknown Named Creature.
You have so many crazy parts.
Unknown Named Creature.
Is that a gizzard or an esophagi?
Well, At least you could have taken time to pay some scientist,
After spending all that dough to have the doctor fix your face up.
Unknown Named Creature.
I think that's a Sinus Venosus.
There's a swim bladder.
What's that crazy mixed up vein you have?
If you have a plyric ceca,
You can digest larger gruel.
Take your teeth, gills, and mouth and get in the swim pool.

You are a fish.
Hangin around the dirty Trash Can.
You are aquatic.
You breathe underneath the cool Water.
Well, you're not annelid, because
You haven't got small hairs.
And you don't eat trash or give out rash.
You're born to swim along.
Baby, don't flip it.
Your not cut out to decompose.
Baby, Get movin.
Who wants a talking fish around?
Get yourself out of dirt, go swim and squirt.
I really got a fly.
Get yourself back into that fish school in the sky.