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Tune: Norwegian Wood
From: The Beatles

By Molly Hales, Sam Hunter, Anika Trujillo and Erica Cherry
Evanston Township High School
Evanston, IL

Some compounds are charged
in certain spots:

Dipoles are charged ends
of molecules: polarity.

Electrons are closer to dipoles of negative charge.
The opposite positive dipoles are equally large.

Dipole charges form
based on the shapes
of their compounds.

Irregular shapes:
always abounds.

Electrons are magnetized more toward high affinity.
With uneven shapes, the electrons cling unevenly.

One example of
is H2O:

Affinity to
oxygenıs high,
hydrogenıs low.

The shape of the molecule is asymmetrical, and
close to the oxygen is where the electrons land.

State of matter is
determined by

Dipoles will attract
to opposites

The intermolecular bonding determines the state:
solids and liquids bond tighter than gas to create.

With polarity,
charges will be

But polarity
canıt be dismissed--
should not be missed.