Student content

One of our winning entries…


Tune: Back Here
From: BBMak

By a student of Allyson Brown
Beech Grove High School
Beech Grove, IN

All these elements.
All around me now.
How do I know what they are?
Only one thing left.
I think I can guess.
The Periodic Table

There they are.
So many.
There are Atomic number abound.
Oh, how do I read this?
Numbers, Symbols,
Groups and size.
Oh, how do I read this?
There's a pattern inside.
Just follow the key.
It's not that hard.
Just look … and you'll see.

So you see those things.
Little numbers there.
They tell all kinds of things,
Like Atomic Mass,
Protons plus Neutrons.
This is where it all begins,

'Cuz (Chorus and bridge)

And you see those.
Those two letters there.
They symbolize the name
And the Atomic Number
The total number of protons,

'Cuz (Chorus)