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One of our winning entries…


Tune: Roll On
From: The Living End, 2000

By "Team Cool;" Zoe Corcoran, Stephanie Terao, Ellie Messenger, Michael Malarkey, Alisa Rosenthal and Liz Albertson
Evanston Township High School
Evanston, IL


Team Cool to the rescue!
Thank goodness you're here Team Cool!
I know those moles can be pretty big!
Yeah, real big!
What do you think we should do, gals?
I know!
Let's sing a song!


Mole on (repeat 4x)

We'll pile textbooks until they\'re a mole high
We'll have our feet on the ground
While our books are in the sky (repeat 2x)

A mole is an S.I. unit that measures molecules
The number is so long
Can you imagine 23 zeros strung along
6 times 10 to the 23rd
How absurd!

(repeat chorus twice)

Named after Avogadro who died
Represents a piece of the chemistry pie
Meeting a mole is rare
So you have to take care
Animal or atom?
I can't fathom
My head is going to explode (boom, pow, kazaam)

This will make you say wow
Because we use it now
Because it's so practical (repeat 2x)

A mole makes a balanced equation quite clear
With the ratio of the coefficients near
One mole of lead is 6.02 sextillion atoms of fun
We use it a lot in science
Now our song is just about done

Mole on (4x)

(chorus repeat twice)