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One of our winning entries…


Tune: I Will Make a Man out of You
From: Matthew Wilder

By Adria J Rice
Evanston Township High School
Evanston, IL

Let's get down to chemistry to balance an equation.
First there are four phosphorous, is that not preposterous!
Now you add BCl3 and diatomic H2
And you can bet before the reactant comes through
That I'll make a balanced equation out of you…

Follow the yielding arrow as a chemical reaction unfolds
Then you'll see the product:
BP plus one HCl mole
We haven't quite got the hang of it yet
But don't give up we're almost through
We still will make a balanced equation out of you…..

I'm never going to solve this problem
My teacher can see right through me
The number of atoms in each element is the key
I can almost start a mole ratio to find the number of grams of BCl3!


I had a great time writing for the science song writing contest because it gave me the opportunity to do two of my favorite things at once, science and singing. In addition I think this contest is a great way for people to learn and remember science material and have fun all at the same time. Thank you, Adria Rice