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One of our winning entries…


Tune: If You Steal My Sunshine
From: Len

By Hattie Stahl, Linsay Wich, Hannah Kinzie, Val Alt, Emily Dangremond and Sam Allen
Evanston Township High School
Evanston, IL

Electrons… We Love You!!

I was circling my orbital all by myself last week,
Angered by my self defeat.
I tried to make it work and bond with you covalently,
But you said no, ionically!
Greater than 1.67 was our electronegativity;
Metal and nonmetal were we.
And even though you took some of my electrons from me,
I still want you to be stable and free.

I know it's not your fault
If you steal electrons
Making sure that yours don't leap
If you steal electrons
Full Octet will keep you sweet
If you steal electrons

Repeat Chorus

If you steal electrons
If you steal electrons
(Repeat until fade out)


We had a really good time writing this song- taking what we learned in class and applying it in a different form to help our own understanding in addition to the understanding of others. It was difficult at times to get the lyrics to fit exactly like we wanted them to, but we got our point across, and fit everything in that we wanted to!