Student contest

One of our winning entries....

So Science!

The Science Sisters (Erin, Caroline, and Robbie)
Wharton Arts Magnet Middle School, Nashville, TN

We are 5th graders in Mrs. Turner's Science Class. We like singing and we like science. Science is cool! We formed a group called 'Science Sisters' to explain how we love science. We want people to know our love for science and we thought the best way to express it would be in a song. This has been a great experience for all of us.

So Science!

What's your favorite subject?
Science is mine.
There's so much to learn and ask
Like "What? Where? and Why?"
Everything you need to know
Is right in your book.
All you have to do is

Science! Science!
There's so much to know.
Science! Science!
Why don't you get a go.
Space, Nature, Animals too.
Science is cool for me and you!

There's a lot of things to learn.
There's a lot of things to know.
Your health, your body too.
You can learn how to take care
Of people everywhere,
And you too....


You can study about space
And look at the stars,
Or you drive down a lane
With an engine in your car...