Student contest

One of our winning entries....

See, It's Polar!

Mira and Kiki
Evanston Township High School, Evanston, IL

We are sophomores at Evanston Township high school. Just recently we learned in chemistry class about polarity. We thought it would be neat to write a song about it, to further our understanding of the concept!

See it's Polar!
(tune: You be ILlin by Run DMC)

One day when I was walking by my highschool
I saw a puddle and said 'wow that's cool!'
I wondered out loud to a friend next to me,
Why don't those molecules float away free?

My friend looked down, saw the puddle that I eyed
'It's cause they're polar, you dummy!' he cried
'the molecules have two charges you see my brotha,
a plus on one side and a minus on the other.'

See it's polar!

But why does each end of the molecule have a charge?
Cause the difference in electronegativity is large!
With oxygen a 3.5 and hydrogen a 2.2
To hydrogen the electrons like to say adieu

Oh I get it now! Thanks to my friend
The charges make the water stick together end to end.

See it's polar!

So what does polarity do for stuff around us?
It allows molecules to stick without a fuss.
If something is more polar then its boiling point is higher
To pull apart the molecules more energy is required.

See it's polar!

If water wasn't polar then we would have no oceans
Only gaseous H2O, imagine the commotion
Salt would not dissolve because there would be no attraction
To the water molecules, there would be no bonding action!

See it's polar!