Student contest

One of our winning entries....

The Phase Change Rap

Science Stars (Sean, Donovan, and Courtney)
Caldwell Middle School, Schriever, LA

My name is Sean, and I attend Caldwell Middle School. I made the A-B honor roll the second nine weeks and play TPR football in my hometown of Schriever. My partners are Donovan and Courtney. Donovan made the A-B honor for the first and second nine weeks and plays TPR basketball. Courtney made the B honor roll for the first and second nine weeks and plays TPR basketball. We joined this contest because we enjoy science. It is our favorite subject.

The Phase Change Rap (Original)

Hey! I'm a solid and my molecules ain't alone. That's why they move so slow and they don't go fast like gas, which goes really fast. As a matter of fact they vibrate. When a solid gets called to a party he's late. I also have a definite shape and a definite volume. I could also go two ways to a liquid or a gas and a liquid don't move as fast as a gas because a gas moves really fast. But I rather move faster than this I wish.

Hey! I'm a liquid and I'm not quite free cause I didn't really brake the bonds that bonded me. All I see is boats a float and some fish that are at the bottom of the ocean. I could go both ways to a solid or a gas but a gas moves too fast and it lasts too long. But I'd rather be a solid and be real strong. By the way I have no definite shape but a defninte volume.

Hey! I'm a gas and I move really fast, and I float in the air and I go anywhere. Cause I broke the bonds that bonded me. That's why I was always free. Nobody can stop me cause I'm bout to go to a liquid, and down to a solid. Can't stop me cause I'm free. By the way I have no defininte shape and no defininte volume.