Student contest

One of our winning entries....

You've Got Periodicity

The Masta Castas (Chris, Ted and Aaron)
Evanston Township High School, Evanston, IL

We are excited by this contest and hope for the best results for our classmates and ourselves.

Simple Periodicity
(tune: "Bare Necessities" by Disney)

Look at the periodicity
The simple periodicity
Forget about your worries and you strife
Look at the periodicity
Old mother nature's recipe
That Mendeleev brought to life

We go by period, and fa-mi-ly
That's why they call it periodicity
The elements are grouped actually
They're simply placed by cogency
There's no doubt you will see
Trends like electronegativity

Chorus: The periodicity will come to you
It'll come to you What's ionization energy

The natural amount of energy
It takes for an electron to go away
It's the basic energy
That Mendeleev used to please
The scientists and chemists of today

If you need a shared pair
then you gotta be fair
Make sure your charges sum to naught
Use this formula for the lot


So just relax and cool it
You'll learn by heart
Cause radii left and down
Get bigger on the chart