Student contest

One of our winning entries....

I Wish I Were a Penguin

Annaliese Reedholm
Jack Frost Elementary School, Georgetown, TX

I decided to write this song because I like penguins and I wanted to find out more about them. I chose penguins for my research topic.

I Wish I Were a Penguin
(to the tune of "Oscar Meyer Weiner")

Oh, I wish I were a penguin swimming in the water,
Eating up some cuttle fish and shrimp.
Oh, I wish I were a penguin wearing black and white,
Livin' on the South Pole rookeries.
My dad would take care of me as an egg,
While my mom is out eating.
After 2 months they'd switch places.
Then they'd both feed me spit-up food.
If only I were a penguin for a day,
I would do everything this way!

(Sing the song one more time.)