Student contest

One of our winning entries....


The Wharton Microbes (Olivia Bouman and Catherine Tesauro)
Wharton Arts Magnet Middle School, Nashville, TN

We are Catherine and Olivia, aka Microbes, and we go to Wharton Arts Magnet Middle School. We are in 5th grade and our favorite class is Mrs. Turner's Science Class. Why did we do this? We wanted to express our feelings about science in a song. We had been studying about microscopes in class.

Microscopes (Original)

Microscopes can help you see things
That are very, very small.
There can be different colonies,
You can see them all,
Including blepharissmia and volvox in a ball.
You can focus it light or dark.
But you'd better not pull them apart.

Microscopes, microscopes
Where would we be?
You pretty much give us dis-cov-ery.
Some people say they're useless,
Some people say they work,
But I know the truth,
yes, I do, Yes, I do.
They really do work,
yes, they do, yes, they do.

When you face in the light,
You can see something bright.
When you face in the dark,
You can't see many parts.
When you focus some more,
You can see something
You've not seen before, in...

Microscopes, microscopes, etc...