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Thank You, Mendeleev!

The Fabulous Seven (Leonora Zoninsein, Natasha and Julia)
Evanston Township High School, Evanston, IL

My group and I are sophomores at Evanston Township High School in Evanston, Illinois. We're also all best friends. We love music, and thought it would be really fun to write a song about chemistry. Our chemistry class has brought us closer because we're always together doing our chem-phys homework. We had a lot of fun writing this song a recording it. Periodic trends are something that we all find very interesting. We never knew how helpful the periodic table could be until our teacher taught us about periodic trends. After we wrote this song, it got a lot easier to remember what part of the periodic table had elements with high electro negativity and which part had elements with low electro negativity! ; )

Thank You, Mendeleev (Original)

[hushed] Periodic... periodic... periodic...

Intro (speaking):
-Hey guys, I was just looking at the periodic table.
-Oh, yeah? Well, what's it to me?
-I don't know, but I think the elements are placed there for a reason.
-You mean... they're not just randomly written down?
-Oh, no! There's a system behind this... I think if we learn it, it will help us a lot with chemistry

Verse 1:
The need for organization was so clear.
From chaos to order was very near.
In their properties, patterns were present.
To place in order, Mendeleev wasn't hesitant.

Left and right and up and down,
Organized properties can be found.
Knowledge of similarities will help you a ton.
There elements were placed here for a reason.

Verse 2:
First laid in families by atomic mass,
The periods revealed patterns here, alas!
Mendeleev used this for a plan
Simple enough for everyone to understand


Bridge (speaking):
-So the elements were placed in this order according to boiling points, electro negativity, atomic radii and mass, affinity and reactivity?
-Yeah, that's right!
-Wow! This makes so much sense to me now!
-This can all be found in the families and periods.
-Uh huh... and it will help you solve chemical equations, and it will also help you in labs!
-Mendeleev was great!
-He sure was!

Thank you, Mendeleev!

Verse 3:
Decreasing downwards and to the left was reactivity.
The same applies for electro negativity.
Also appears for ionization energy.
Just look as properties of lithium and mercury.