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Learn About Matter

Carlie Hiott
Concord Elementary School, Anderson, SC

I am a Fourth grader at Concord Elementary School. Last year I had to do a project on matter. I decided to write this song about the different properties of matter because it seemed like a lot more fun than just doing a project. I picked the tune.

Learn About Matter
(tune: "Would You Like to Swing on a Star?" by Bing Crosby)

Would you like to learn about matter?
And let your brain get even fatter?
And be better off and be gladder?
so now let's learn about a Solid.

A solid is matter with size and shape.
Its particles would always be late.
It has volume that does not change.
It is the most stable of all these things.
That's all the facts of a solid.

Now let's hear about a gas.
Gas is matter that changes shape.
Its fast moving particles are great.
It changes volume in lots of space.
It's hard to see and has no taste.
That's the facts about a gas.

Now let's learn about a liquid.
Liquid is a matter with no volume change,
Even when it takes different shapes.
Little liquid parts have medium speed.
It's just so easy to pour and keep.
That's all the facts about matter.
Now for the big finish.

Now you've learned all about matter.
And your brain is much, much fatter.
You can go home and be gladder.
Because you've learned about matter!