Student contest

One of our winning entries....

The Name's Bond, Chemical Bond

Neexlion and Shady Wasabi (super conuts squad)
Evanston Township High School, Evanston, IL

We are sophomores at Rocket Scientist School... no, just kidding, we're sophomores at Evanston Township High School, and we got the chance to enter this contest. We wanted to write an original song about reactions and why they're so crazy, but we didn't have enough time. That's when it hit us: during reactions, bonds are being made and broken, so let's write a song about Chemical Bond and put it to the James Bond theme! It actually didn't come all at once, but you get the idea. We thought up some witty lyrics to explain the reactions as well as entertain the audience. The result is 'The Name's Bond, Chemical Bond.'

The Name's Bond, Chemical Bond (this time it's personal)
(tune: James Bond Theme)

The temperature of my substance is getting mighty high
Couple more minutes and it'll be enough to fry
eggs with it, my curiosity's in action
Looked at my friend and asked the question
Looked right back full of satisfaction
He said: 'That right there is a exothermic reaction'

Raising the heat bonds're getting unstable
Couldn't believe it thought it was just a fable
Things're going crazy bond're splitting apart
Asked my friend what's happenin' 'cause he's really smart
He said: 'The ethyl's getting hotter and it's finna combust
so gettin' out of this peice is definitely a must
ain't nothin' gonna be spared it's all on fire
and this ethyl's temperature is still gettin' higher
man yo lab's burned down to the ground
and all that's left is a sorry scrap mound
of exothermic reactions you shouldn't be too fond
and it's all because of someone we call chemical bond'

When you find that you need to let off some heat
Better watch out for chemical bond cause he'll get yo beep beat

(Kid Voice): Mr. DJ, Mr. DJ, I have a question --
does any of this relate to combustion?
(Evil, Scary Voice): Of course silly boy, didn't you hear Bond's wacky Confession?
it's quite simple you see all you gotta do is make the connection
that wacky scientist dude got kicked out of his place
cause he didn't understand that the reaction's base
was exothermic which meant that it released lots of heat
and so it was his lab that got the beating

(Chorus 'My name's bond, chemical bond')

when you're in the bond breaking game
remember that endo is anything but lame
it's all important for making those ties that bind
and without them I'm sure that you'll find
your exothermic reactions starting to fade,
because your substances are going low-grade

You're running out of stuff to combust
so some endothermic reactions are a must
when compounds are sneaking around, looking for heat
trying to make their ends meet
once they get their energy, mr. bond beomes present
and the reaction that takes place, can be quite unpleasent
lowering it to below freezing
sir bond makes everything cool and quite pleasing

he's sneaking around findin' the secret information
to reach the point for a bond's gratification
mr. Bond will be sure to make everything cool
so you're not standing around hot lookin' like a fool