Student contest

One of our winning entries.... (Click here to hear an audio sample [requires RealPlayer].)


by The Cell Squad
Freedom Middle School
Nashville, TN

[to the tune of "Jingle Bells"]

We came to school this year,
To learn about the cell,
We learned the names of parts,
Which we call organelles.

Our thanks to Robert Hooke,
Who looked into his scope,
He saw dead cork cell walls and
Now cytology is no joke.

Oh, organelles, nucleolus, mitochondria,
Endoplasmic reticulum and golgi apparatus,
Nucleus, cytoplasm, cell membrane with pores,
Ribosomes, chromatin, and many vacuoles.

Inside every single cell,
You'll find all of these parts,
They do many different jobs,
They even make up our heart.

All cells come from other cells,
All living things do too,
We hope you now can name the
Organelles inside of you!!


Comments from the teacher:

I teach 7th grade science at Freedom Middle School. I told my students that I had found a website that would allow us to write a song about a topic we had learned about. I offered them an opportunity to stay after school and work on the song lyrics. This is exactly what the 13 students did. The Cell Squad wrote and rewrote the song until it fit the tune, but included as many facts as possible in the song. This song inspired us to write and produce a video which accompanies the song.