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What Are The Assumptions?       [ go to previous song previous song / next song go to next song ]

written by Do Peterson

Do: Lead Vocal, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Drum Machine | Jessi Roemer: Backup Vocal, Acoustic Guitar | Stephen Espinola: Piano | Christopher Pesce: Bass | Doug Lauen: Backup Vocal | Lori DeGloria: Backup Vocal

What are the assumptions? | We assume | Single putative disease locus, | One disease gene at one place. | We assume | Marker locus, disease locus | Completely linked, moving together. | We assume | Normal fitness of reproduction | In affected individuals. | We assume | Ascertainment from the population | Of affected sibling pairs at random, | Pairs at random. | What are the assumptions? | We assume | Markers highly polymorphic | Polymorphic markers: What does it mean? | What does it mean?

Genetic marker and it really polymorphic | Highly polymorphic, Yeah, | What does it mean? | It mean that chances are, | Are really heavily in favor: | One locus, two parents, four different alleles... | ...once again | ...everybody | Four different alleles. | I got a marker and it polymorphio! | My marker and it polymorphism. | Disease gene and it polymorphism. | Gene and marker and they polymorphism. | I got a marker and it polymorphio! | Marker locus on the same chromosome as the | Disease locus on the same chromosome; so we have | Two loci on the same chromosome, | And they got linkage. | These are the assumptions.

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