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Under The Null       [ go to previous song previous song / next song go to next song ]

written by Do Peterson

Do: All Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Drum Machine, Synth

Note: LRT=Likelihood Ratio Test

Part 1: Under the additive, multiplicative and recessive penetrance | Part 2: Under the null hypothesis (repeated), under the null, | Under the null hypothesis (repeated), no linkage. No. | Part 3: Event A, X2 greater than or equal to X0 | Event B, X2 strictly less than X1 | Event A, LRT chi-square one approximately | LRT, Event B, equals 0 exactly | Exactly... | What we have found | What we have found... | ...Event A, Event B | ...have the same probability | ...and this implies the following | ...mixture distribution for our LRT | Research was slow -- dominant penetrance. | We almost know. When we do we'll publish. | What we have found... | half chi-square with one degree | one half zero asymptotically | ...this mixture that you see | ...a mixture distribution for our LRT | We still don't know -- dominant penetrance. | We still can't show its distribution theory. | Under the null hypothesis, no linkage. No. | No linkage; no. | What we have found.

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