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The Nucleus I Like Best       [ go to previous song previous song / next song go to next song ]

written by Greg Crowther and Do Peterson

Craig Chin: electric guitar | Greg: rapping | Lori DeGloria: lead vocals | Adam Ludwig: rapping | Gretchen Ludwig: lead vocals | Diane Mapes: keyboard | Do: bass, drum programming, spoken vocals | Kirk L. Van Scoyoc: lead vocals, banjo

There's 15N, 39K, 19F, and also 13C, | But of all the atoms East to West, the nucleus I like best is 31P.| Proton spins are everywhere, and MRIs reveal their density.| But all that leaves me unimpressed; the nucleus I like best is 31P. | Take a limb, get it shimmed, and sample from the muscles that you see.| A spectrum lets you quantify the PCr, Pi, and ATP.| Cell pH can be deduced from the inorganic phosphate frequency; | You can likewise measure magnesium using the chemical shift of ATP. | If you scan a leg or hand during stimulation and recovery, | The spectra let you find the rates of using and creating ATP. | Now NMR can take you far beyond this type of phosphate chemistry, | But I've come clean and I've confessed -- the nucleus I like best is 31P.

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