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The Krebs Cycle       [ go to previous song previous song / next song go to next song ]

melody and lyrics by Lynda Jones; adapted by Do Peterson and Greg Crowther

Greg: geek vocals, keyboard | Lori: lead vocals | Do: bass, hyper-dramatic vocals, keyboard, acoustic and electric guitar, drum programming | Kirk L. Van Scoyoc: banjo

Acetyl CoA combines with oxaloacetic acid | To create a citric acid. That's how it begins. | Then a water removed and added makes it isocitric acid, | Which, in turn, oxidized and loses CO2. | Then alpha-ketoglutaric is oxidized again, | Losing carbon dioxide with an NADH spin. | Then through a phosphorylation | Succinyl CoA congeals a GDP to GTP to toss back CoASH. | CHORUS: | Acetyl CoA, citric acid, iso-, | Alpha-ketoglutaric, succinyl CoA, | Succeeded by succinic, fumaric and malic, | Then oxaloacetic starts the cycle again. | Soon we see succinic acid forming a fumaric acid | As it forms an FADH2 along the way. | Water washed upon fumaric makes it into acid malic. | Now there's only one step left, so let's be on our way. | With one more oxidation, resisting degradation, | A final NADH is made and brings us to the end. | Oxaloacetic acid, first and last, a simple acid | Then accepts an acetyl CoA and starts again. | CHORUS

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