Greg Crowther's online videos

Date Title/Link Summary Time
April 2010 Easter Triathlon Three egg hunts in two days! 3:12
Dec. 2009 All That We Want The official Crowther-Stahl family Christmas video for 2009. 2:25
Nov. 2009 Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! What Phil has learned from watching "Dora the Explorer." 0:35
Oct. 2009 Sock-Drawer Basketball Phil takes on his dad in this bedroom version of the popular court game. 0:32
June 2009 Phil's Speech Development Montage Clips from an unorthodox training program. 1:26
May 2009 A Shot at Adulthood A brief meditation on the "human side" of malaria research, submitted to the UW Pocketmedia Film Festival. 0:55
April 2009 Jefferson Park Egg Hunt Phil enjoys great success in finding Easter eggs but less success in counting them. 2:14
April 2009 Phil Crowther, T.I. He's undersized and undercover. 0:55
Feb. 2009 Mommy? Phil and his dad share a quiet bedtime story. 1:28
Feb. 2009 How to Take a Bath Not sure how to get clean? Experienced tub-thumper Phil Crowther eliminates the guesswork! 1:31
Dec. 2008 Still Sleeping?! Greg offers his wife an early-morning serenade. (Password-protected; see note #3 below.) 1:20
Dec. 2008 Movie Trailer A preview of a forthcoming documentary film starring Phil and Lucy. 0:53
Dec. 2008 Child of Mine The official Crowther-Stahl family Christmas video for 2008. 1:25
Nov. 2008 The Cookie Debate of 2008 Phil proves to be no match for his mom -- a lawyer -- in this argument over whether he deserves a second dessert. 1:10
Nov. 2008 Phil's 2nd Birthday The guest of honor blows out a candle, samples a cupcake, opens a present, plays with it, and says goodbye. 0:41
Oct. 2008 Summer Nights '98 The story of Greg and Liz's courtship, re-imagined as a duet from Grease. (Password-protected; see note #3 below.) 4:01
Oct. 2008 Introduction to Tee Ball How to strike out in three easy steps. 0:41
Sept. 2008 Phil's Career Options Should he become a parking lot valet? An aerobics instructor? A food critic? Watch this video and decide for yourself! 1:56
Sept. 2008 Escape from Toddler Jail Phil leaves the crib and joins the circus. 1:51
Aug. 2008 Runners for Obama An ad, sort of, for the now-defunct business 0:45
Jan. 2008 Phil Goes Mobile The little guy demonstrates his new walking technique as he pursues Mommy's cell phone. 1:04
2004 29 Reasons (by Science Groove) A physiologist sings about his fascination with muscles. 2:14
2004 Twinkle, Twinkle (by Science Groove) A musical explanation of T2* (pronounced "tee two star"), the time constant for the decay of a magnetic resonance signal in the XY plane. 2:40
2004 The Nucleus I Like Best (by Science Groove) A song about the joys of phosphorus NMR spectroscopy. 3:20
Oct. 1987 Overexcited Coach An unidentified high school coach encourages one of his runners at the 1987 Vermont State Cross Country Championships in Montpelier. 0:16

Technical notes

1. In general, an RCA Small Wonder videocamera (a gift from Greg's parents) was used to record footage, and Windows Movie Maker was used to edit it, add captions, etc. Windows Movie Maker generates .WMV files; most of these have been uploaded to YouTube, which converts them to Flash (.SWF or .FLV) format, but Greg has converted a few of them to .FLV format with the free program Format Factory so that he can play them on his own website ( using the free JW Player.

2. All links on this page work as of December 23rd, 2009. If any of the videos do not display properly, you may need to install the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player. Please email Greg ( if you have problems.

3. "Summer Nights '98" and "Still Sleeping?!" were made by Greg for his wife and are password-protected to prevent access by the general public, although our friends and family members are welcome to view them. The username to enter is greg (all lower-case letters), and the password is the nickname of Greg's first childhood baseball hero (again, all lower-case letters). If you need a hint, email Greg at