Hi-Lo Altitude Camp 2000

Ever wondered what it's like to be in a scientific study of endurance training?

If so, you've come to the right place. This site takes you behind the scenes at Ben Levine and Jim Stray-Gundersen's "live high, train low" altitude camp in the summer of 2000. Training, nutrition, leisure activities.... All are portrayed here in breathtaking detail.

This site is divided into several sections as listed below. To view a particular item, please click on the corresponding caption.

      Life in The Village
          1. Enter at your own risk
          2. Room 202
          3. Getting around
          4. Four guys and a van
          5. Bargain hunters
          6. Carbo loading
          7. Our fearless leader
          8. Accidents happen

      Life in the Lab
          1. Gatorade keg party
          2. Steve gets an injection
          3. Trine in action

      Hypoxia Hotel
          1. We all live in a blue submarine
          2. Boredom sets in
          3. Make way for Ge
          4. Taking Julie's pulse
          5. A proud moment
          6. Who's the doc?

      Treadmill Travails
          1. Hey, it's equipped with airbags!
          2. Calibration time
          3. Gabby rages against the machine
          4. CJ steps it up
          5. James attacks
          6. "The treadmill always wins"

      A Day at the Races
          1. It's Wayton by a length
          2. Two laps to go
          3. Arkansans unite!
          4. Midnight at the track

      Peter Snell and Friends
          1. Peter and Gecko
          2. Peter and Geoff
          3. Peter and Erin

          1. Swimming, sort of
          2. Bump, set, spike!
          3. Skiing the parking lots of Utah
          4. Life in the fast lane
          5. A boy and his bike
          6. Two boys and no bike
          7. White-water tubing
          8. Fore!
          9. Crowther cuts loose

      Utah Families and Homes
          1. The family at 6000 feet
          2. The home at 6000 feet
          3. The family at 8000 feet
          4. The home at 9000 feet

      Independence Day
          1. At the parade
          2. Lander's lunch
          3. Caught in the act
          4. Sten to the rescue

      Scenes from Cloud Rim
          1. Honorary girl scouts
          2. Another take on the lake
          3. Little oxygen, lots of fun
          4. Matt Hill, geologist
          5. Two little Indians
          6. Mountain kings
          7. We made it!
          8. The sky's the limit

      Photos Which Defy Categorization
          1. Little Red Runninghood
          2. Funny faces
          3. Go, Rangers!
          4. Tommy Kunish, guerrilla-at-large
          5. Forest dwellers
          6. The view from the ground
          7. Gabby's new look
          8. Emily Field, folk singer
          9. Superheroes of the South
          10. Those wacky counselors

      Other Information
          1. Camp logistics and background
          2. Gecko's words of wisdom
          3. Camp participants
          4. Quote board
          5. The scouting report on Crockett

The photos posted here were contributed by CJ Costantini, Greg Crowther, Matt Hill, James Johnson, Mike Peditto, Julie Perez, G. K. Resaland, Todd Salat, Robert Yates, and perhaps others; apologies to anyone who has been left out.